Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Cocksman Shall Apprectiate Both the vagina and its holder, but be Intimidated by Neither

When The Cocksman sees a vagina he covets, he doesn't hesitate. It doesn't matter what the holder of the vagina looks like, if she appears to treat other men poorly or if rejection is nearly guaranteed, The Cocksman still pursues the unification of The Cock and the vagina. The Cocksman realizes that the needs of The Cock outweigh any potential minor setbacks.

While The Cocksman must not shy away from approaching the holder of the vagina, he also must present himself in a way that shows the holder of the vagina how much The Cocksman values the vagina. The Cocksman should not intentionally disrespect the vagina or its holder at anytime before or after intercourse. While friendly jesting is encouraged, violently accosting the holder of vagina with the use of demeaning terms or otherwise humiliating her is strictly prohibited.

Example A: As Niles made his way up to his brother's apartment, he met Lilith in the elevator on her way out. Being a gentlemen, Niles offered Lilith a ride back to her home on the outskirts of town. Lilith accepted. In a matter of minutes, after a series of simple routines, Niles accomplished insertion into Lilith's pale vagina. After completion of the act, Niles began driving Lilith back to her home. Still several miles away from Lilith's, Niles pulled over and asked her to make sure the gas tank was properly closed. Just as Lilith got out of the car to check, Niles yelled, "You stupid skank!" stomped on the gas pedal and left Lilith disgraced and alone. Has Niles practiced good Cocksmanship? Nay, I say, nay.

Example B: Milhouse sees Lisa riding her bike on Evergreen Terrace and is overcome with a desire to merge The Cock with the vagina. Although he's aroused by the thought of the pleasure he would gain by taking the place of Lisa's bicycle seat, he remains focused on his goal. Even though Lisa has rejected Milhouse numerous times, he is not dissuaded. After a brief interaction and a statement of his intentions, Lisa agrees to allow Milhouse to gain carnal knowledge of her in Bart's treehouse. Following copulation, Milhouse complies with Lisa's request to walk her to the front door and adds on a goodbye kiss to ensure Lisa won't regret her actions. Milhouse then steals Bart's skateboard and carts himself over to Sherri and Terri's to accomplish other Cocksmanlike goals. Milhouse lives and breathes Cocksmanship.

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Hate Nanjingren said...

I'd like to stick my mule-hung ding dong in that skank Zhao Yinzhi. Preferably from the back side. Probably catch something vile and disgusting.