Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Cocksman Shall Appreciate Beauty in its Ugliest Forms

Millionaires are encouraged to donate portions of their wealth, celebrities are pestered to interact with the public and The Cocksman is pushed to engage in sexual philanthropy. There are times when The Cocksman finds himself alone on a Friday night. It may be a situation where there are simply no holders of the vagina that meet his standards or it may be after a brutal rejection. Often, in these instances, The Cocksman will find himself pursued by a lesser creature.

It in these circumstances where The Cocksman has an opportunity to satisfy the desires of The Cock as well as boost the self-esteem of an undesireable. Note that engaging in intercourse with an undesireable occasionally (no more than twice a year) is advocated, but not required. If The Cocksman chooses to pleasure the undesireable, he should be able to find some redeeming quality to point out to his allies. The redeeming quality can be anything from a pretty face to large breasts, but The Cocksman must be able to point to something that justifies his decision.

Example A: Roseanne and Dan had recently divorced and she was pretty depressed. Darlene decided to throw a party to cheer her up. Upon David's arrival, Darlene made it clear that she wouldn't be having sex with David anytime soon. David looked around, saw Becky was gone, and assumed he would be spending the night alone. David found himself sitting in a corner when Roseanne approached him. She needed love, badly, and she wanted David to give it to her. David reached over, felt her enormous breasts, and agreed to her one-night-stand proposition. David has displayed the heart of a true Cocksman.

Example B: Following David's encounter with Roseanne, D.J. begins mocking David and his decision to make love to a large woman. Even when David counters with the "large breasts" justification, D.J. refuses to stop telling people and making fun of David. It appears that D.J. will never grasp the meaning of Cocksmanship.

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