Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Cocksman Shall Not Disguise His Intentions

From the first interaction with a holder of the vagina, The Cocksman exudes a raw sexual energy. The Cocksman does this primarily with his eyes, body language and his oral statements. The eyes of The Cocksman will look up and down the holder of the vagina's body, make eye contact with her, then shoot the glance back down to the vagina and hold it for three seconds, which has been to known to cause an instantaneous full-body orgasm. The body language of The Cocksman is laid back, sending out a "come hither" vibe combined with a message of fertility. The statements The Cocksman make let the holder of the vagina know that The Cocksman finds her attractive and will allow her to make a temporary home on The Cock if she so desires. These statements can range from "you're looking sexy" to "I can tell you want me to take off my pants" and everything in between. These three things, eyes, body language and spoken statements are critical to The Cocksman's success.

This sexual energy of The Cocksman ensures that the holder knows where, if she chooses, her vagina is headed. There are no mistakes about the beginning of a friendly relationship or other non worthwhile endeavors. The Cocksman lays his cards on the table and lets the holder of the vagina make her move. Often, her move is shoving the cards onto the floor and engaging in intercourse with The Cocksman on the table.

Example A: Bo and Daisy were stuck in the barn waiting for Luke to arrive when Bo commented on how nicely Daisy's shorts seemed to be fitting. After an extended glance, a little smirk, Daisy responded with, "Bo, are you hitting on me?" Startled, Bo quickly came up with an explanation and denied it even though he had wanted to bang Daisy since they were nine years old and learned that it was okay for third cousins to have sex. Disappointed, Daisy and turned her back and waited for her next session with Uncle Jesse. Bo's inability to step up to the plate and be a Cocksman forced him into another moonshine induced masturbation session in the back of The General Lee.

Example B: Six barged into the Russo's house and hurriedly asked where Blossom was. Joey informed her that Blossom was out learning to drive with her dad. Disappointed, Six turned to leave, but Joey caught her by the hand and informed her that, although her new hat with some sort of fruit on the front of it looked good, it would look even better at the foot of his bed. With that, he led her upstairs, and, without a word exchanged (with the exception of a "whoa" here and there), they engaged in a passionate round of love making that actually managed to slow down Six's famed fast talking. Whoa Joey, that was Cocksmanly!

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