Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Cocksman Always Has Options

Like a good poker player, The Cocksman makes sure that he has outs in case things don't go according to plan. While there are times when The Cocksman will pledge himself to one vagina, it normally isn't enough to keep him happy. The Cocksman must keep in mind that said vagina may move on to another Cock or it may simply dry up, forcing him to head to other vaginal territories. Knowing of this possibility, The Cocksman always keeps a vagina on the back burner.

The manner in which The Cocksman accomplishes this interesting task is quite simple. The Cocksman maintains a flirting relationship with a variety of vagina holders, always keeping them interested, but never giving in to temptation until the time is right. This includes keeping a friendly association with the holders of those vaginas who The Cocksman has previously entered, as he knows they often lust for the satisfaction that only The Cocksman can give. When it is time for The Cocksman to header for less bushy pastures, he calls upon whichever of these vaginas he finds most desireable and, if rejected, simply works his way down the list. It may be difficult to maintain this type of lifestyle, but that's the duty of The Cocksman.

Example A: John had been banging Nancy for several years, but he still had concerns about the possibility of her returning to Dale. To entice the other ladies around town, he continued working out, kept providing massages and migraine treatements to the women of Arlen and rocking the Jeep Wrangler. When Nancy finally headed back to her husband, Charlene, who Bill had been chasing, moved in with John and gave him all the vagina he could handle. John was satisfied in how following the path of The Cocksman had paid off.

Example B: Gomez was understandably obsessed with Morticia and her neatly trimmed vagina. He failed to maintain any sort of relationship with any woman not a member of his family while engaged in this relationship. One day, he realized he had grown tired of her increasingly stretched vagina (which he later learned was due to an ongoing affair with Lurch) and decided to move on. Unfortunately, his failure to obey a most basic rule of Cocksmanship resulted in an extended dry streak as he was forced to warm up various holders of vaginas from the very beginning. He swore to himself he'd never challenge the code of The Cocksman again.

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