Friday, May 30, 2008

The Cocksman shall facilitate the use of a fellow Cock

The Cocksman understands the importance of regular Cock usage, not only with respect to his own Cock, but also the Cocks of his allies. There are times when a Cocksman sacrifices his chances at entering a vagina in hopes of benefiting a fellow Cock. It must be noted that there is a major difference between failing to sabotage a fellow Cock and facilitating its use. Failure to sabotage just means not actively destroying chances of another Cock, while facilitation involves more of a conscious and active effort by The Cocksman to help his ally achieve insertion.

There are a basically two methods of facilitation that a Cocksman can use to promote the use of a fellow cock. First is the affirmative method. Essentially, the Cocksman will provide his ally with advice about what to do as well as doing things to make the ally look good, such as talking the ally up to the targeted holder of the vagina. The second method is more passive and known as the yielding method. When using the yielding method, The Cocksman just tries to get out of the way to allow his ally to work by doing things like leaving the ally and the holder of the vagina alone and neglecting to interact with either. Both methods are well respected in all legitimate Cocksmanship circles.

Example A: Cory had been interested in Topanga since they had been lab partners in Mr. Feeney's sixth grade class. Cory's best friend, Shawn, was well known as the Cocksman of the school and was always there for Cory. Shawn, after watching Cory embarrass himself on repeated occasions, decided to take control. Topanga came over for one of Eric's parties, where Shawn counseled Cory on what to say, isolated Topanga and told her of some of Cory's wonderful qualities (affirmative). Eventually, Shawn suggested that he, Cory and Topanga check out Cory's pet hamster in his room. When they were all safely inside, Shawn excused himself to the bathroom, never to return (yielding). In a matter of minutes, Cory had his hands on Topanga's wonderfully developed boobies, all thanks to Shawn. Cory's lucky to have a Cocksman like Shawn for a friend.

Example B: SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy were all hanging out at SpongeBob's pineapple watching "The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" when it became clear that SpongeBob was making a move on Sandy. Patrick noticed that SpongeBob kept inching closer to Sandy on the couch and repeatedly touching her leg and realized he was finally doing what he had talked about for so long. However, Patrick loved this particular episode of "Mermaid Man" and refused to excuse himself even after SpongeBob pleaded for him to while Sandy was in the bathroom. Patrick, if I was your father, I would disown you for your egregious failure to practice the most basic, simple rules of Cocksmanship.

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