Friday, May 30, 2008

The Cocksman shall not blame the holder of the vagina for his failure to satisfy the demands of The Cock

Referring to a holder of the vagina by derogatory terms such as "rug-muncher" or "whore" simply because she isn't interested in forming an intercoursal relationship is a sure indicator that the pursuer/defamer is not a Cocksmanlike move. The Cocksman knows that when he fails to gain insertion into the vaginal chamber, the holder of the vagina is not the one to be blamed. Rather than making excuses or attacking his rejectors, The Cocksman takes responsibility for his shortcomings.

When The Cocksman is unsuccessful, it only motivates him to improve himself in preparation for his next attempt at vagina. The Cocksman realizes that not all approaches will be victorious and uses those otherwise disappointing experiences to improve himself. The Cocksman realizes that the fact that a holder of the vagina wasn't interested in experiencing The Cock is not an indicator of her negative value as a person.

Example A: Alf had been after Lynn ever since he moved in with the Tanners. Over the course of several weeks, Alf continually upped his flirting, starting with light touches on the arm to lingering paws on her ass. When he finally tricked her into coming into the attic and she rejected his advances, he went into a tirade referring to her a "cocktease" and " a dumb bitch." Not only has Alf ruined a good relationship, he's established that he's not a Cocksman.

Example B: After a brief makeout session with Maybe, George Michael decided it was time to finally close the deal. He was sick of Anne and needed a change in his life. Maybe had always been the kind of girl who admired a bold man, so George Michael came up with a plan. When she showed up for work at the banana stand, he was standing inside, pantsless, fully erect and awaiting her touch. Unfortunately, she was still interested in Steve and refused to fondle George Michael. Disappointed, but still a Cocksman, George Michael accepted her decision, put on his pants, continued to interact with Maybe while devising another strategy to get her, or at least someone hotter than Anne, into his bunk bed.

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