Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Cocksman shall not use dishonesty or trickery to satisfy the thirst of The Cock

The Cocksman doesn't revert to disgraceful tactics, such as falsely promising the holder of the vagina he wants to date her or purposely getting her hammered in hopes he'll be able to take advantage of her. The Cocksman's method should be so excellent that it's unnecessary for him to make untrue promises or use drugs to impair the holder of the vagina's judgment. If the alleged Cocksman's game is not good enough, by itself, to convince the holder of the vagina to grant The Cock entrance, then the alleged Cocksman should work on self-improvement rather than focusing on dishonorable misdirection tactics. The true Cocksman would rather go without intercourse than revert to such antics.

In the same vein, The Cocksman won't purchase the holder of the vagina items with the expectation that she will repay him with mouth to Cock insertion or any other sort of sexual activity. The Cocksman doesn't expect or treat every vagina as if it's available for the right price. This isn't to say that The Cocksman never acquires anything for a holder of the vagina. If The Cocksman genuinely likes the holder of the vagina and simply wants to get her a drink, that is acceptable, but the intention must be analyzed. If the reason he buys her a drink is so that the holder of the vagina will owe him something in return, his Cocksmanship status must be revoked.

Example A: Joey and Rachel went out for a friendly dinner. Even before the drinks arrived, Joey was in the zone. Rachel began giving various indicators of interest, including laughing at all of his jokes and repeatedly touching him. Joey was having such a great time with her, he decided to pick up the check, with no expectations about any later action. To show her appreciation, Rachel slid under the table, unzipped Joey's pants and orally satisfied him in a way previously unknown. Being a Cocksman really does pay off!

Example B: Jefferson, unsatisfied with Marcy, decided to make a move on Kelly. In his first attempt at seducing her, he bought her a bottle of Boone's. When he brought it over, Kelly was ecstatic. They quickly guzzled it down while chatting, seated in the back of Al's Dodge. When Jefferson began moving his leg up Kelly's thigh, she pulled back and rejected him. Jefferson, upset, insisted that she needed to pleasure him if she expected to ever get him to buy it for her again. When this didn't work, Jefferson began forcing more wine into her, in hopes she would become so obliterated that she'd admit his Cock entry into one of her several holes. Your poor Cocksmanship disgusts me, Mr. Darcy. It's no wonder you ended up with Marcy.

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